"Sharing knowledge" is easier said than done. Everyone seeks knowledge in their own way. But conventional media only provide it in a standardized manner, the same for everyone. This is becoming increasingly dull.

Moreover, the platforms through which we share our knowledge cannot be interconnected. Knowledge is trapped in them, and one wonders: how do they still manage to present themselves as communication technologies.

We want to change that. We develop solutions that allow knowledge to be shared openly and independently - and we make our solutions usable in a simple and uniform way for everyone.

Welcome to minima.media,
the network for autonomous knowledge communication.


greetings from the kitchen


The 4 Pillars
of Sustainable Knowledge Communication

The FAIR Data principles are now a globally recognized standard for the sustainable management of digital knowledge resources. They were developed for the management of research data, but are also playing an increasingly important role in the management of educational content. Their benefits are undisputed. But there is still much to be done.


Knowledge resources must be findable. But the chance of being found on the Internet is close to zero. And even if found, it is still difficult for visitors to immediately find the right thing.

We create solutions to make knowledge resources reliably findable and intelligently searchable.


Knowledge resources must be openly accessible. But what if you cannot share something openly, and only in a protected circle?

We create solutions that allow knowledge to be made accessible in a granular way, step by step, for individual users and user groups, based on specific educational or research purposes.


Knowledge resources must be interoperably usable. With conventional platforms, this is not possible. They are isolated solutions that cannot be interconnected.

We create solutions that allow independent operation and cooperation. With resources that can be extended, supplemented, and replaced as desired.


Knowledge resources must be reusable. But who doesn't know it: you already have something, but you cannot transfer and reuse it.

We create solutions that prepare educational content or research data in such a way that they are useful not only for the original purpose, but also in new, unforeseen contexts.

Too Many Buzzwords?

True. But it doesn't help. Educational and research resources must be versatile. And they should be reliably maintained. Whether we call it sustainable or not.

We are a network that is actively committed to this. And we have been creating good solutions for over 20 years. We always welcome new comrades.

Maybe you feel like it. Or frustration drives you to us. You are always welcome.