is an interoperable authoring framework that allows you to create multimodally usable knowledge resources. It relies on solutions from internationally renowned specialists, making them applicable to all with a simple and homogeneous user interface.

This enables even non-professionals to realize high-quality projects and products - completely without the famous media competence.

We share the belief that digital knowledge resources should be sustainably used and are skeptical of a digital transformation that repeatedly renders valuable knowledge resources unusable. That's why we're committed to strengthening professional standards that ensure digital continuity in the inevitable digital transformation, such as the FAIR data principles for sustainable knowledge communication or the UNESCO charter for the preservation of digital cultural heritage.

We rely on resources from internationally renowned specialists, which can be accessed through a simple and uniform user interface. This allows even laypeople to realize high-quality knowledge communication projects and products.

Coordination of the network:

Manfred Jurgovsky
Waidstrasse 21
CH 8037 Zürich
Tel.: +41 44 520 89 52


We are always on the lookout for ingenious specialists, currently especially in the fields of artificial intelligence (use of language models for the development of digital knowledge media).


Do you want to use the network's resources? Or find out if what you are looking for is available here?

You know what you need and can use our solutions independently? We provide our tools for free for non-commercial knowledge communication projects.

Are you looking for partners to implement a project or product with you? We connect you with specialists and interdisciplinary teams who can professionally handle even complex projects.